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Revolutionary War: List of Soldiers

James Acree
John Adair
Robert Adair
William Akridge
John Alexander
Francis Amour
Robert Armstrong
Amos Ball
Lorenzo D. Bates
John Bayliss
William Bell
Peter Bennett
Benjamin Blackburn
William Blount
Samuel Bose
Charles Bowen
William Bowman
Thomas Boyd
Lewis Brock
Moses Brooks
John Brown
Joseph Brown
Peter Brown
Ebenezer Byram
Jeb Caldwell
John Caldwell
Alexander Campbell
David Campbell
Capt. David Campbell
James Campbell
Patrick Campbell
Perrin Cardwell
William Carr
William Carr II
Thomas Carter
Alexander Cavett
John Childress
Mitchell Childress
John Chisolm
James A. Clapp
John Clayborn
John Conklin
James Conway
Horatio Coop
Temple H. Coram
Thomas J. Coram
Michael Courtney
Samuel Covey
Curd Cox
Richison Cox
Robert Craighead
Alexander Crawford
John Crawford
Samuel Crawford
Gideon Crews
James Crews
Thomas Crow
James Cruze
Levi Davis
Samuel Davis
Jonathan Douglas
Thomas Dove
John Doyle
William Dunn
William H. Early
David Falkner
Thomas J. Falkner
George Farragut
Daniel S. Fox
John Fox
Samuel Frazier
Harris Gammon
Stephen Garret
Thomas J. Gault
Nicholas Gibbs
Jacob Gillaspie
Thomas Gillespie
Devereaux Gilliam
Thomas Gilliam
Boston Graves
Stephen Graves
Thomas Hall
Abraham Hankins
William Hansard
Dicy Harbison
Joseph Hardin
Simon Harris
Henry M. Harvey
William Haywood
David Henley
Nicholas Horn
Isaac Horton
John W. Hudson, Sr.
George Hufacre
Thomas Ives
Vincent Jackson
James Johnson
Robert Johnson
David Jones
Martin Jones
Matthew Keys
Thomas Landrum
Joseph Large
Edward Legg
Henry Lonas
Nicholas Long
Capt. Moses Looney
Nicholas Love
Robert Love
William Lowpassey
James Luttrell
John Luttrell
Richard Luttrell
John McCalla
Solomon McCampbell
William McClellan
John McLemore
John McMellan
Alexander McMillan
Benjamin McNutt
George McNutt
Darby Mars
Edward Mason
John Meek
Francis Meriman
John Millen
John H. Miller
Solomon Mitchell
Ambrose Month
George Moore
William W. Morris
Peter Mowry
Robert Murphy
John Neely
Hanse Nelson
John Nelson
Southey Nelson
Edmund Newman
John Nixon
Michael O'Brien
Jesse H. Parker
James Perry
Jesse Perry
John Phillips
David Pinn
Richard Porterfield
John Potter
James Price
Francis Quarles
Francis Ramsey
Reynolds Ramsey
Michael Raulstone
Joseph Reed
Robert Rhea
Archibald Roane
John A. Roberts
William Roberts
James Rodgers
John A. Rodgers
Robert Roe
James A. Ruble
Andrew Russell
Brice Russell
Matthew Russell
Moses Russell
Absalom Rutherford
Melvin H. Rutherford
William Rutherford
Samuel Sample
John Sawyers
Arthur Scott
James Scott
William Scott
John Sevier
Samuel Sharp
Bernard Slaughter
Edward Smith
Garnet Smith
Joseph Spears
Luke Stansberry
Henry Stephens
John Stone
Frederick Stricklin
Thomas Sumpter
Marcus Swadley
Willis Swaggerty
Samuel Tarver
Henry C. Tarwater
Parmenas Taylor
Jacob Thomas
John Thompson
Philip Tilton
Erastus Tippett
William Tipton
Philip Titlow
James Viles
James Waters
Jesse Wells
James White
Jacob Wilker
Benjamin Williams
Hickman Williams
William H. Wills
Charles Witt
George Witt
John Witt
Daniel M. Wood
George Woolf
William Wright
George T. Wrinkle
Joseph Yader
William Yarnell
Chrisenberry York
Source: Mary U. Rothrock, editor, The French Broad-Holston Country: A History of Knox County, Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee: East Tennessee Historical Society, 1946), 531-532.


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